Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Counting to Twenty

First freckle.
First skinned knee.
Shins bruised in constellations.
Several scratches
from upending himself
in the toy box.
16 gleaming teeth.
First wagon ride.
First tussle
over a toy phone.
First coffee talk, “Ho?
First saying “I’m sorry”
First phrases, “uh oh”
“oh my”, and “woah!”
And the ever useful
sentence, and answer
to every question
“I don’t know!”
First washing his own hands.
First starting to carry
a tune (in key, no less!).
Mama still no better
at baby pedicures
than she ever was at her own
and with the co-sleeper
thigh art
to prove it!
Loving him so many
gazillion times more
than I ever thought
Twenty months old
and counting.

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