Thursday, June 21, 2012

Two If By Sea

This is the third part of a sequel started on my blog, chronicling my two year old’s voice.  Go here here for Talking Two.  And then, for part two, Talking Two-and-a-Half, go  here.

Eating yogurt with his stuffed Barnaby Bear:

Cayce: Hello!  I’m Cayce! Want some yogurt?
Cayce (as Barnaby, deep voice): Oh Yes PLEEZE. I’d LOVE some.


In bath, his hair lathered with shampoo:

Cayce: Do you like my hat?
Me: Yes, I do!
Cayce: No!
Me: Oh- I’m sorry. You’re right. That’s not the way it goes. (Trying again) I do NOT. I do NOT like your hat. Goodbye!


At the ship’s wheel at the playground with a girl who told him she’s from New York.

Cayce (pointing out to the harbor): There are crocodiles.  There are crocodiles out there.


At Crosswinds Restaurant, watching the line cooks prepare his pancake.

Cayce: Who are those guys?
Me: Those are cooks. They’re chefs.
Cayce: Those are not chefs. Those are people.


Sharing a hot dog with his little friend M at the ACK Shack:

C: This is scrrrrr-UMP-tious!
M: Hahahahahahahaha!
C: This is REALLY scrrrr-0UMP-tious!!!
M: Hahahahahahahaha!


After buying a roll of wrapping paper:

C: I want to use it as a telescope!


About his miniature animals scattered on the floor:

Me: Put these babies away, okay?
C: Those are not babies. They animals.


Laying down on my lap to nurse with Barnaby Bear under his arm:

C: Barnda-by wants some too.


Down at the water’s edge, looking at the smooth, steel blue water with small bobbing boats, water going on and on as far as the eye can see, thinking of Mickey in batter In the Night Kitchen, thinking perhaps of the boy swimming naked in that giant bottle of milk under the stars:

C: I’m not the milk, and the milk’s not me. I’m Mickey!


Me pulling the car out of the drive, having finally packed it with everything we need for our outing.

Me, starting a line my mother used to say when I was a child: And we’re off--

-- like a herrrrrd of turrrrtles, my child finishes.    

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